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Congratulations to the Suzhou GL Foresight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd website online

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     Suzhou GL Foresight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2015. The management team is composed of senior professionals who are focusing on the technology of optical communication in network transmission and data center. We provide one-stop shop for passive solution of 100G/400G modules.Our business scope covers the R&D, production and marketing of optical components, optical precision processing and coating etc.

    Our company philosophy is “Strictness, Faithfulness, Wisdom, Courage, Benevolence”, daily progress and sustainable development. We are customer-focused, oriented for the striver, valued technical innovation and have the courage to carry out self-reform. Relying on excellent products and services, we create value for customers and help employees self-fulfillment and make contributions to social progress. 

    Based on superior R&D capabilities , high vertical integration of resources and advanced automatic manufacturing and testing system, we try to become the first-class provider of optical components and provide cost-effective solutions,  customized products and professional services for global leading technology enterprises.

   We have passed ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 National Quality Management Certification and obtained a number of patents of invention and utility model.

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